Following Celebrities and Famous People on Snapchat

News 02:07 July 2020:

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Personalities and celebrities would invite their fans to follow them on social media and fans would immediately get their phones and add them up on their app especially with Snapchat. With the limited time for posts, fans has this tendency to quickly check their mobile just to see the latest video of their idols. With all the wacky animations that this app can offer it makes supporters more excited to see them in their lighter side. Fans just love them when they do that.

Credit can be given to the K-Pop or Korean Pop sensation for this kind of craze. Where Asians are fond of making selfies with charming animations to the point of spending most of the time posting themselves online almost every day. Creating more snapchat followers and following and talks around the world!

Fanatics would also do the same and share their own versions of their selfies and almost imitate their own celebrities and can go viral! Spreading through different media, pictures and video makes a sensation creating a new cyberspace celebrity.

Once in awhile, it is good to engage on this but be mindful of our responsibilities in the real world. Good post can brighten our days but we need to take our time more in the important things we have to do.