Periscope Followers: What They Are Telling You

News 12:01 January 2020:

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When a business or accountholder posts videos on Periscope, they are doing more than just sharing their version of the world and what they are experiencing. They are doing more than just showing a video that is important to them. When an account holder on this site is sharing with their Periscope followers, they are opening themselves up for fodder and for feedback and that should be seen only as a great thing.

If you are a business with a Periscope page, this feedback is essential. When you share a video with your Periscope followers and they react, you need to see this as an opportunity to learn from them and to hear what they have to say, without ever having to actually talk to each individual. If you post a video that goes viral and gets a lot of reaction from your fans, then, you should consider this as a positive, assuming that the feedback is positive that they are giving you. This is a great way to gauge which way you should focus your future content. If there is no reaction or your audience does not react, then, it should be seen as a sign to take another look at your content.